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HI there!

my name is Anand and i created this website with the intention to bring forward news and content from around the globe that i feel is absolute must to know.

not to mention the news articles and blogs or references you find on this website are going to be relevant and important to your daily life.

Also checkout different categories for posts on fitness, history, art and culture, business and economy that are fun to read and full of rare content. In other words I intend to create this website as a goto page for seeking lost wisdom, new developments in human life and current affairs to keep you updated, all at one place.

A seekers paradise of sorts.

come here often to checkout what may interest you and your intellectual senses.

you are the world and the world is you- krishnamurthy

I am a stock trader by profession blogger by passion. As for hobby I enjoy playing Chess, working out and do lots of reading through the day.

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